We Believe...

The Bible is God's Word for us.

It has:

God's plan for salvation!
God's plan for forgiveness!
God's plan for healing!
God's only plan to reach Heaven through the sacrifice of Jesus!
God's plan for our redemption!
God's plan to deliver us from addictions and the grip of any sin we have!
God's words for our strength to face anything!
God's words for our peace!
God's words for happiness and joy!
God's promises that do not fail as we trust in Him!

It reveals:

The spirit of man is eternal and will be eternally in one of two places!
Those two places are Heaven or hell!
There is no man righteous, no not one!
All men are lost and destine to hell without accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior!
Salvation requires a total commitment to Jesus and repentance from sin!
Jesus as the sinless Messiah and redeemer of man!
Jesus as the Son of God and Creator of this universe!
Jesus who baptizes in the Holy Spirit and fire!
The Holy Spirit who gives the gifts of the Spirit!
The gifts of tongues, prophecy, faith, words of knowledge, healings, and diverse tongues!
Jesus is coming back soon!

The Bible has so much more to offer you than anything else on this planet! Read it!